Jeremy Orr resides in Columbia City, Indiana with his wife, Marji and his three children, Teagan, Andrew, and Deklin. He is a Business  Project Senior Analyst for Cigna Healthcare and the Men’s Ministry Director at Columbia City Church of the Nazarene.  Jeremy believes that the greatest threat to the church today is apathy.  Nowhere is this more evident than with the men of the church.  Today the role of the father has been diminished by society to the point where dads are considered to be laughable and dimwitted.  I believe that the role of the father is much too important to be relegated to a punchline.10425506_10152754963756913_8001057610925548210_n  It is time for husbands and fathers to reexamine their roles and responsibilities as men of God.  We need to take our place as the spiritual leaders of our homes and I want to help men rediscover that role.  Jeremy can be reached at 260-224-5333 or



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