Innocent Until Proven Guilty

In our society we’ve taken innocent until proven guilty and applied it to our morality.  Now anything is permissible as long as we can’t prove it’s wrong.  I hear Christians every day say things like, “Well I want to quit smoking, but I haven’t been convicted yet that it’s wrong”.  Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been there.  There were times earlier in my walk that I thought the same things.  That if it’s wrong, God will convict.  And He does.  But why should we continue to do something that we question until we get convicted to stop it?

It’s backwards.

And it’s a cop out.

It’s time we raised the bar as Christians.  It’s truly no wonder that the world sees us as hypocrites.  We are.  We hold up a Bible that has clear instructions and then turn around and violate those instructions under the guise that we haven’t been convicted of a sin??  Let’s spin it around.  Instead of saying we will continue to do something until we are convicted it’s wrong, how about we CHOOSE NOT TO DO SOMETHING UNTIL WE ARE SURE IT’S RIGHT?

I listened to a sermon a while back about drinking and it sparked this whole idea in me.  The pastor in the sermon said something like this.  I won’t tell you to stop drinking.  BUT if you choose to drink, I simply ask that you show me in the Word the scripture that has convicted you TO drink.  Rather than waiting to be convicted that something is wrong, let’s start doing things that we are convicted are right!

There was a time when a lot of people were walking around wearing WWJD bracelets.  For those who don’t remember, that stood for What Would Jesus Do.  The pastor of my church once preached a message on this and gave it a twist.  He challenged us to DWJD, Do What Jesus Did.  That should be our desire.  To be CHRISTians.  We can’t do that if we are holding on to the things of this world because we don’t want to be convicted.  Let’s let go of the things of this world and hold more tightly to Jesus.  The “conviction” to do what’s right and stop doing what’s wrong will naturally come as a result.

What do you need to let go of?



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