10 Positive Thoughts to Think About and Why It Matters

Most of us don’t realize we have a choice about what thoughts we think.  These thought choices have power. By learning to control which thoughts you focus on, you can become a more effective Spiritual Leader for your family.

What You Focus on Will Change Your Results

Every thought we have is significant. The thoughts we’re focused on matter. Thoughts shape our words, then our actions, then our habits, and ultimately our hearts. God knows we’re wired this way. Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinketh, so his heart is.” Our hearts (Spirit) can be overshadowed by our own thoughts. Your thought focus can create closeness, or it can create distance from God.

We become what we think about. What we focus on we get more of. Our thoughts can change who we are. Our thoughts are powerful enough to even change our physical results.

silouette runnerThis summer I was running on one of Lake Michigan’s beaches. I had a quarter mile left to reach my three mile goal. I was losing my steam though. I started focusing on how tired I was. The more I thought about being tired, the more tired I got. Suddenly I felt my legs get heavier. I had misplaced my focus.


I quickly changed my focus to thinking about writing this blog. I started writing the introduction in my head. By shifting my focus I was able to finish my run effortlessly. In fact, I had more energy than when I started.

So, how do you keep your thoughts focused?

10 Things You Can Do to Focus Your Thoughts.

1. Be in the Word – Getting control over your thoughts start with one simple step. Start your day in the Word. I started a daily challenge called the 3×6 Challenge. It’s designed to help Christian men to develop the habit of being in the Word daily.

 1 John 2:14 – If you don’t have victory over your thoughts it’s probably because you haven’t integrated God’s Word into your life.

 2. Be Memorizing – Commit a bible verse to memory. Claim it throughout your day.

 Matthew 12:34 – Internalize God’s Words by repeating them all day long. Repetition gets it in your heart.

 3. Be Capturing – You don’t have to think any old thing that pops into your head. Take your thoughts captive. Filter them. What you think and focus on is a choice—your choice.

2 Corinthians 10:5 – Don’t let your thoughts take YOU captive. Fit every loose thought into the structure of a life shaped by Christ. Submit your thoughts to Jesus first. Before focusing on a thought, ask Him if they are the Truth or lies.

4. Be Grateful – Being grateful creates more positivity. Start your day by being grateful. Find any reason to be grateful in the ordinary. This simple habit will give you a heart of gratitude throughout your day.

 5. Be Noticing – Take note of your positive thoughts. Notice them. Focus on them. Focusing on the positive leaves no room in your head for negativity.

 Hebrews 13:16 –  Don’t take anything for granted. Everything can be an act of worship. Go about your day joyfully.

 6. Be Positive – Speaking positively should be a staple of the Christian life.

Proverbs 18:21 – Our words can be poison or fruit. Our words start with our thoughts. Our faith is made more powerful by speaking positively out loud.

 7. Be Persistent – It takes time to change, but God can help you do it.

Hebrews 10:36 – Stick with it. You’ll get to enjoy what God promised.

 8. Be Affirming – Think thoughts on purpose. Write down verses and positive statements. For example, read Jeremiah 29:11 until you believe it. Repeat it out loud daily. Over time these thoughts become part of you.

Proverbs 7:2-3 – Write God’s Word on the tablet of your heart.

9. Be Intentional – Overcome negativity by setting your mind on the right things. Whenever you struggle to shift your focus, ask yourself whether this would matter in heaven.

Matthew 6:20 – Today’s frustrations, disappointments, and challenges are not what matter. Focus on how today influences your treasures in heaven. That’s what lasts.

 10. Be Upright – When you feel negative or emotional, change your thoughts and body posture.  They go hand in hand. Don’t look down. Look up. Don’t hang your head. Look up at the sky. Look around. In seconds you’ll see God is bigger than your own problems. Your focus will shift.

Take Every Thought Captive

By choosing which thoughts you are focusing on, you can begin changing the course of your day. Not every thought deserves your focus. Take each thought captive. Then filter whether it’s true and positive. You can keep some of your thoughts and throw out the others.

When you focus your thoughts you can live the life Jesus has entitled you to. You see, if you accept that Christ has died on the cross for your sins, you have every right to live above your current circumstances.


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