The Door of Disappointment, by Pastor Corey Jones

“but we had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel. And what is more, it is the third day since all this took place.”–two disappointed disciples (Luke 24:21)

Disappointment with God can actually be a doorway to the discovery of the hidden depths of God’s riches and wisdom that results in a great deliverance for those who would hear and heed God’s voice and enter through the door with humility and trust.

On the very day Jesus rose from the dead two of his own disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus, disappointed and determined to go back to their old lives before they met the man from Nazareth (Luke 24). The reason for their disappointment was Jesus. What he had promised apparently hadn’t happened like they had hoped and now their hearts were cold and closed. And Jesus, unrecognizable to this discouraged duo, faithfully walks along with them and in purest faith opens the promised Scriptures to them again.

Exhausted from the journey the two disciples finally arrive at their hometown of Emmaus. Be forewarned that it takes as much energy to walk away as it does to keep walking by faith. But now the night has fully fallen on all that had been and as the two disciples enter their home through the door of disappointment they turn back and plead with the stranger, urging Jesus to stay the night. Disappointment doesn’t have to be a dead end if Jesus is invited to enter in with us.

At the table, with a candle illuminating the dark room, Jesus gives thanks and breaks bread with his famished disciples. Suddenly their eyes are opened enabling them to see the resurrected Jesus with crystal clarity! Jesus disappears but so does the disappointment. In raptured delight the two turn to each other and remark how their heart’s burned like fire within them as Jesus opened the Scriptures on the wayward road. Only the opened Word can close the door to disappointment.

Inspired and invigorated by the encountered Word the two leave Emmaus in haste out into the darkest night, guided by the flame of renewed hope in their hearts, ready to return to Jerusalem and to the journey of faith! (sounds like true repentance)

Instead of disappointment bringing defeat it actually can be the doorway of discovery to God’s deepest revelation of His hidden riches and wisdom in Jesus that brings us to a graciously unearned and unexpected place of deep deliverance!

A personal testimony: This past few months I’ve wrestled with disappointment. After 18 years at the same church (a church and people I love like family) there are things I had hoped would have happened by now, especially since God had promised them. But during this uncertain season I have sensed Jesus walking along this road with me, faithfully opening the Word to my weary heart. And in truth I have felt that the disappointment, though Satan has surely intended to use it to debilitate me, has actually served to deepen my faith, hope and love and bring me to a place of deliverance as I sense my heart rekindled and the fire burning still! Disappointment can be the doorway to deliverance if Jesus is invited to enter!

For more information about Pastor Corey, please visit our Guest Authors link.


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