Hello. My name is Joseph of Arimathea.

Recently our church put on an Easter production. It was a powerful piece actually written by a couple in our church. The title of the play was “Hello, My Name Is”. It was a series of stories told by biblical characters about each of their life stories.  They each talked about their struggles and how they came to know Christ.

In one of the scenes towards the end of the musical, we heard the story of Joseph of Arimathea. Joseph is standing behind the body of Christ laying on a table during this whole scene.  It’s depicting the time right after the Crucifixion after Joseph has begged Pilate for the body of Jesus. He talks about how he was a member the Sanhedrin, he was rich, powerful and he was actually a follower of Christ, but he was a follower in secret.


As the actor was talking about Joseph and how he was following Christ secretly, it started making me think about how loudly I’m following Christ. And it made me wonder how many of us are really Joseph of Arimathea. How many of us are following Christ quietly? How many of us follow Christ only on Sunday mornings? But the real question is: how many of us are following Christ in such a way that were living our faith out loud, so that everyone we come in contact with knows that we are a follower of Christ?

I don’t want there to be a question about whether or not I follow Christ. I want the world to know, but not for my sake.  For His glory!  I want to take it farther, though.  I don’t want people just to know I follow Christ, but I want to pour out His Spirit into them too.  We Christians have been given the most wonderful of gifts, and the charge to spread that gift.  Let’s not keep it to ourselves!

Joseph was able to take his faith out in the open.  He went directly to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus and buried His in his own tomb.  He risked his reputation and his life to do this.  There could be no question at that point about who Joseph was following.

Let there be no question for us either!

Walking Tall in Christ,



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