Why I love the movie Noah’s inaccuracies

Russell Crowe has a new movie out. This movie is called Noah. To say that it has ruffled some feathers would be an understatement. I read a blog this morning that was urging Christians to stay away from this film. Why? I am a Christian and I am glad that the new movie Noah is completely inaccurate. Hollywood has given us a gift but we are too consumed with our own self righteousness to realize it. Satan wants nothing more than for us to stand up with fists raised in righteous indignation. He wants us to be shouting from the street corners of the assault on our religious rights. He gets excited when we post our scathing reviews on Facebook. He wants our pastors to be castigating the movie industry and urging good Christians everywhere to boycott this film.

I want to suggest a different course of action. It is one that will not push people farther from God. I believe that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. If I believe that simple thought to be true then I must believe that the Lord can make something wonderful of this woefully inaccurate movie. So, I suggest we see this movie. I suggest we forget what we are hearing and we watch it with an open mind. I think we should be intentional about finding moments in this film that we enjoyed. It can be the dialogue, it can be the special effects, or it can be the music. Just find something.

I ask you to do this because the moment will come when we are faced with a non Christian who has seen this film and enjoyed it. Imagine their surprise, knowing you are a Christian, when you join the conversation explaining the things you really enjoyed about the movie. Think of the opportunity you will have to explain to them how much you loved the movie but how much you love the original story more. There is a good chance they might ask you what you mean. You have now been presented with an opportunity to share God’s word with someone.

Leading people to Christ is not about having coffee shops in our churches. It is not about “Fill the pews” Sundays or Youth group allnighters. It is simply about relationships and opportunities. We are presented with opportunities everyday to positively influence our relationships. The real question I have for you today is what are you doing with your opportunities?

Looking for opportunities,


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